Represent your company exactly the way you want to.

If you only had five seconds between news articles to interest potential clients in your business, it’d be a tough sell. But with brand design services and logos from KreativHQ, you can establish crucial info about your business and make those five seconds count.

Establish confidence and professionalism with your brand.

When a client looks at a company’s branding, that’s their first impression of what that business has to offer. Most people remember large corporations by their flashy logo or their catchy slogans, but every piece of brand design needs to tell a story in a small amount of time.

Between images, typography patterns, and color palettes, every aspect of your business should show your clients what your company stands for within seconds. But it should also show how your company stands out from the rest. When you use consistent brand imaging and themes, you give your clients an idea of what your company stands for in an instant.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that unique brand design can be hard to come by. If you try to develop your own branding, without the proper training and research, you could be using brand images and themes that other companies have been using for years.

The professionals at KreativHQ have spent years researching and studying the brand design industry. We’ll customize unique themes and imaging that gives your business a strong identity, without stepping on any legal toes in the process.

Give your clients an easy way to remember you.

The human mind struggles to remember large amounts of information about a single topic. Instead, it uses shortcuts by finding correlations in every piece of information it can find. That’s why branding is important. If you give your clients consistent themes and imaging to keep in mind, you’ll be hard to forget.

With our brand image package, we’ll give you a full image logo, color palettes, typography patterns and textures, and even a standalone logo with variations. These designs will help you build up an identity in your client’s eyes and gives them something to remember you by.

We’ll provide you with a questionnaire that helps us learn more about your company. Once we draw up some samples, we’ll work together to perfect a logo that represents your company to a tee. That way, whenever your clients see your brand imaging, they’ll know exactly what you can do for them.


How do I know I’ll like my branding?

Our branding professionals have decades of experience creating designs for startups and small businesses. We’ve crafted methods and processes for making memorable, custom designs that give clients a sense of what each company brings to the table.

We’re confident that you’ll be happy with your new branding. If you’re not satisfied with the results the first time around, we’ll even rework your image until we get it just right. We’ll make sure that the logo you use to represent your company is everything you need, and nothing less.

Do I have full ownership of my new brand image?

Absolutely. Once we’re done with our branding process, we’ll hand you the reigns so you can use your logos, themes, and other images for every aspect of your business. We can even include guidelines for effectively displaying your new designs.

What are your pricing options?

We offer our brand identity package for just under $4K. This includes everything that KreativHQ has to offer for branding, including full image logos, color palettes, typography, patterns and textures, and a standalone logo with variations.

If you’re looking to bring your brand marketing to the next level, we also offer graphic services as well. You can share your rebrand through envelopes, letterheads, print ads, banners, or promotional materials. While prices vary, these additional items range from $100 – $400.

Give your business a logo that’s worth remembering.

Every day, more potential clients are skimming past your business’s info without knowing exactly what you can do for them. Don’t give them the wrong idea. Contact us today to get a free quote on professional branding services that’ll give your company an identity that your clients can’t forget.

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