Answers To Our Most Common Questions


  What kind of companies do you work with?   

We typically work with organizations with 1 – 150 employees in most any B2B or B2C industry, they need to be growth oriented, and are looking to establish a long-term relationship with a marketing partner.


  What areas / regions do you serve? Any outside of Minneapolis?   

We serve the greater Minneapolis / St. Paul area and a radius of 150 miles of the Twin Cities.


  How long does it take to see results?   

After implementing our solutions, we usually see results immediately!


  How do you measure success?   

We measure success by the level of customer satisfaction. Happy clients refer us business and we’ve built our business on that reputation.


  What type of ROI should I expect?   

While all of our clients are unique and measure success differently, one can expect that every dollar invested with Keech Media, you should expect to see a 7x – 10x return on your investment within the first 24 months.


  What type of reporting can I expect?   

Based on your specific growth goals, we provide a host of reporting tools to help measure the effectiveness of your marketing investment.


  Do you have references who have experienced success with your marketing?   

Yes, we have a long history of providing growth, value, and impact for our clients, and will gladly provide references upon request.


  What sets you apart from other marketing companies?   

We are 1) solution focused, not just providing a service 2) We offer big agency quality at a fraction of the price 3) we deliver on-time and on budget 4) we are one of the ONLY agencies with a guarantee! (if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the final product we provide you, we will re-craft, re-tool, or re-work any part of it to ensure that it meets your satisfaction and the needs of your organization. This guarantee applies to work defined within the scope of our agreements.)


  I work in a particular niche, what is your process for learning about my company and industry?   

At our Discovery Session, we cut to the chase by asking a number of questions that help us learn your industry in short order. We want to understand all the intricacies of your business to know how best to serve you.


  How much does it cost?   

Solutions vary. Complete marketing solutions range from $15 – $35k, however we customize packages that fit most any budget. Ongoing maintenance and digital campaigns range from $150 – $1500 / month.


  How much do companies typically spend on marketing and what do you recommend?   

It depends, but in general an organization can expect to initially invest $10 – 20k depending on their needs and strategy, with ongoing costs of $5 – $50k year depending on their growth goals.


  I already work with another agency, are you able to coordinate your activities with them?   

Yes, absolutely. We work with other partners and agencies all the time. We are all about taking over and delivering better results when things aren’t working well with others, and enhancing the relationships that are established and working well.


  I’m already pretty busy with customers, why should I improve my marketing?   

Take nothing for granted. If history has shown us anything, there are ebbs and flows to any business cycle. Marketing should ALWAYS be working for you 24/ 7/ 365 and never taken for granted. Besides, your customers certainly expect to know you are still around, even if they are buying from you now!


  Are there additional costs, hidden fees or anything of that nature?   

All costs for any of our solutions are spelled out up front and outlined in our proposals. Any “additional costs” are completely optional and discussed once your brand is buttoned up.


  What do you expect from your clients when working with them?   

Our foundation for building long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships is established through open and honest communication and delivering on our commitment to provide quality marketing solutions. In return, we ask our valued clients to support the relationship by providing us:

    • Timely responses and correspondence when requested
    • Any brand assets, graphics, photos, and content necessary to complete projects
    • Considerate and supportive feedback regarding any issues that may arise in the process
    • Prompt payments upon receiving invoices


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