Advance your marketing game with stunning video content.

Adding a video to your marketing pages can bump up your conversion rates by 80%. If you’re looking to kick your marketing campaign into high gear, trust the video production experts at KreativHQ to get you started.

Award-winning storytellers for every niche.

Making compelling video content is no simple task. It takes keen market research, masterful editing, and thorough knowledge of attention-grabbing visuals. Without these skills, you’ll struggle to attract the right crowd and miss out on crucial clientele.

But with the video production experts at KreativHQ, you’ll snag that audience in no time. Our professionals know the ins and outs of video marketing in a wide range of industries. No matter who you’re looking to cater to, we’ll give you the tools and the brand strategies to max out your conversions.  KreativHQ has been recognized as one of the top 30 Video Production Companies in Minnesota.

Flexible video options for every aspect of your business.


  StoryBrand Videos   

  • These go-to marketing videos work to strengthen your brand by honing in on your client’s successes. By giving a voice to your most satisfied customers, you’ll give future clients a product or service to look forward to.


  Video Blogs   

  • Looking to expand your reach and give your company a personal touch? Our video blogs are the perfect fit. These 60-second features will help you broaden your audience on social media, and reel in new clients like never before.


  Promotional Videos   

  • Showcase your product or service with masterful promotional videos from KreativHQ. We’ll give your deliverable the 1-2 spotlight it needs to show off its benefits, and let its value speak for itself.



  • Give your business the outreach you’ve been waiting for with KreativHQ’s commercial production. Whether you’re looking for a “made for TV” advert or a smaller pre-roll on social media, we’ll give you the high-level production value you need to gain traction.


  Training Videos   

  • Whether you need to train up new hires or give some direction to some veterans on your staff, we have you covered. We’ll help you design the training videos you need to keep your operations running like clockwork.


  Instructional Videos   

  • Need something more simple than a training video? Our instructional videos function like “how-to” videos for when your staff needs clear direction on a single task.



What if I get anxious in front of a camera?

We get it. Not everyone is an award-winning actor, but with KreativHQ video solutions, you won’t have to be. Our production system is easy to learn and even easier to follow through with.

We pride ourselves on taking the stress out of the filming process. As you work with our production team, we’ll get a sense of your strengths when it comes to sitting in front of a camera. Even if you’re camera-shy, our proven production methods will give you the confidence to kick your video marketing campaign off with a bang.


How soon can I expect the final product?

For the majority of our video projects, they’ll be ready to go in as little as two weeks, or quicker if need be. However, some video projects can take longer depending on the content.

Videos with a more complex production process need additional time for factors such as added planning, graphics, or working on a variety of locations.


Can I afford to add videos to my marketing strategy?

With a variety of options that work around your budget and flexible video production, KreativHQ has a number of packages that will give you the outstanding marketing campaign you need.

On average, our video production will run you between $1250 – $2000 to produce per minute in each video. However, we offer a variety of package deals as well to give you the perfect way to maximize your ROI.


Kickstart your marketing campaign with captivating visuals.

Don’t let your clients click away from your landing pages from a lack of engagement. Tell them everything you need to know with stunning video solutions from KreativHQ. Contact us today to get a free quote on video production services that will give your clients a reason to stick around.


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