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Give your small business the exposure it needs to grow.

In the modern world of digital advertising, local businesses can’t keep up with simple billboards and street signs on the side of the road. If you’re looking to give your business the recognition it deserves, trust the directory submission professionals at KreativHQ to put your business in the limelight.

Help Google get the word out about your team.

Directories are websites that keep track of local businesses. Once a company joins a directory’s listings, search engines will start tracking those companies and advertise their services. The more directories you’re a part of, the more search engines will trust your company for advertising.

When users search for products or services in your industry, they cross-reference between thousands of those directories to find businesses that they can trust. And if you’re not on that front page of search engines, you might as well not be on that list at all.

At KreativHQ, we’ll fix that for you. With our 18-month process, we’ll establish your credibility on directories in your area, keep track of your progress and give your business the tools it needs to be successful. You’ll discover an influx of clients that’ll kickstart your company’s growth in no time.

The effortless way to scale your small business.

Directories need a database of your company’s information to keep you relevant. They’ll need contact info, addresses, product info, URLs, and plenty of other information about your business. Once you send over your info, they’ll put you in the system and start giving search engines the attention your company needs.

However, this process can be hard to manage. There are hundreds of directories for your area and your industry. While submitting business information to these directories is crucial for startups, submitting content to these directories takes time and effort that small business owners can’t afford to give away.

Let KreativHQ take on the workload for you. Even if you haven’t established an online presence, we’ll take care of those listings for you. We’ll ask for your base-level company information, and submit them to directories to give Google a reason to advertise your business.


How long will your directory listing services take?

Since our directory submission services are a month-to-month process, it takes us 18 months to finalize your listings. There are thousands of directories out there and each one helps search engines give you the reputation you need to grow your business.

These directories need in-depth information about your company, which means that each submission takes time to process. Once we submit your information, we’ll monitor your listings to see how search engines are ranking your business. However, you’ll be able to see results within the first few months.


Can I really expect to see increased website traffic?

Absolutely! While word of mouth and a great reputation can be helpful, it’s hard for potential clients to find you without online directories. But when you have your URL and contact information on a wide variety of directories in your area, you’ll be able to advertise your business to your target audience like never before.

When people look for products or services in your industry, search engines will be more likely to show them your business. You’ll be able to edge out the competition and scale your company in no time.


What can you tell me about your directory listing process?

Once you finalize your paperwork, we immediately begin processing your business’s information. We organize them into submission documents that we’ll send to directories. While we’re spreading around your contact information, we monitor your traffic and provide you with monthly reporting in the meantime. This process starts at $250 / month with an 18-month service contract.


Stop leaving your business out of the spotlight.

Search engines are the easiest way for potential clients to find out about your local business. Don’t get stuck in the backlogs of Google’s search rankings. Contact KreativHQ today for a free quote on our directory submission services. We’ll help you ramp up your company’s directory listings and bring in the client base you’ve been waiting for.

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