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Give your business the outreach you need to scale.

Social media is the fastest way for people to share content and develop an audience as a business. If you’re looking to kickstart your company’s growth, and jump into the complex world of social media marketing, trust the experts at KreativHQ to do the heavy lifting for you.

Develop your branding and keep your clients interested.

Using social media is crucial to developing what you represent as a company. Whether you’re writing content, posting pictures, or just making connections with your clients, you’ll be able to show everyone who you are as a business.

So make sure you’re making the right content with social media solutions from KreativHQ. As experts on branding for small businesses, we’ll handle your business’s social media interactions, while keeping up a tone that suits your business. Whether you’re looking for posts that are snarky, personal, caring, or informative, we’ll manage your content and interactions for you.

And, your existing clients are more likely to keep you in the back of their minds if you keep a consistent tone on social media. You’ll remind them who you are as a company, and keep your client retention at an all-time high.

Grow your audience without wasting a single minute.

It doesn’t matter if you have one or ten forms of social media, managing those accounts can take up hours on end. Audience engagement is important to keep up with since it broadens your reach and keeps your branding on-point. However, from keeping up with creative posts, to interacting with your clients, there’s not enough time in the day to keep track of your own growth online.

That’s where the professionals at KreativHQ come in. Our team of social media management specialists does all the hard work for you. We’ll keep up with consistent and meaningful content at the most engaging times, and we’ll keep up with everyone who has questions or comments about your business.

We manage your Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms so you don’t have to. You’ll be able to focus on your operations and enjoy an influx of clients without lifting a finger.


Do I get to approve my content before it goes up?

Yes. We make sure that you give the final “okay” before a piece of content appears on your social media pages. 

Before we even start writing posts for you, we’ll give you a questionnaire that helps us detail exactly what content you’re looking for. Once we have that information, and once we strategize your monthly content, that’s when we start writing.

Once you approve our social media content, we’ll put it up for you throughout the month while we continue to work on inspiring content for your page.


Can I post my own content, too?

Of course. While we manage your social media channels, they are still your pages. If there’s anything you need to say or anyone you want to interact with on behalf of your company, we encourage you to do so. 

We make your job easier, so if you do want to add content, you’ll be able to have more total interaction on your site. Between our content, and your additional posts or interactions throughout each month, you’ll be able to bring in a wide range of clients with minimal effort.


What are your pricing options?

Our monthly contracts start at $450 for 15 posts each month. However, we offer bonus packages that’ll kick your audience engagement into high gear. Our photography package lets you supplement your posts and social media content with stunning imagery.

You could try including boosted posts, where we’ll make sure your outreach is as large as possible. Or, you could add paid advertising to really hammer down the right client base for your business.


Take charge of your company’s growth.

Social media is a crucial part of modern business practices. Don’t let your competition take away the clients that are scouring Google for your industry. Take the first step with social media management from KreativHQ. Contact us today and discover the client base your business deserves.

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