Give your brand a professional feel.

Visuals make all the difference on your business’s website or social media page. Whether you’re looking to elevate the appeal of your products or advertise your team in a professional light, photos from KreativHQ are a must-have for any company.

Show off your company’s most important features.

Clients expect a level of professionalism from your business, but it can be hard to show them how you operate from a bland marketing page. Long walls of text and a logo or two can be nice if your clients are already interested in what you have to offer, but if you’re looking to reach a wider audience, you’ll end up falling short. When you need to give your clients a sense of your expertise and experience, photography is the way to go.

With professional-grade photography from KreativHQ, you can showcase your team on a personal level, reminding your clients that you’re not just a business, you’re a team. When you highlight your capabilities through photos, you’re taking the initiative to build your brand, attracting investors, and boosting your sales in the process.

If you need to give your deliverables some love, we can make that happen too. By showing off your products or services in a professional light, you can give your clients a better idea of what you’re selling, and give them more of a reason to make a purchase.

There’s no substitution for professional photography.

With camera functions on every phone and laptop nowadays, it can seem easy enough to just take the pictures yourself. However, your clients will be able to tell the difference. Tech companies make their phone and laptop cameras to take quick photos and videos for sharing with your friends and family, not for selling products and services to crucial clients.

Between lighting, color balancing, and positioning, professional photography makes a world of a difference when it comes to showcasing your business. Your website and social media are the first things your clients get to see about your company, so make sure it’s a good first impression.

At KreativHQ, we’ve spent years in the photography industry to give small businesses the perfect way to launch themselves into their respective industries. We have all of the lighting, equipment, and most importantly, expertise you’ll need for expert-level branding.


What can I expect from the photo-taking process?

Once we hammer down the details of your project, we get started immediately. We start preparing your pictures before we even start scheduling a time to meet. That way, the moment we start shooting, we can get your team in and out as quickly as possible. You won’t spend longer than an afternoon shooting pictures so you can get back to running your business in no time.

Once you choose which images you want to use for your business, we begin finalizing the images through color correction and light touch-ups. Then, we’ll deliver the images to you to use in every aspect of your business.


Do I have full ownership of the images?

Absolutely. Once we finish up editing your images, you’ll have full permissions to use your photos however you like. This is true for web and print publications so you can put them up on your website, social media, or even just hang them on the wall of your office if you’d like.


How many photos do I get?

We package our services into full and half-day packages. For the half-day package, pricing starts at $1350, and you’ll be able to choose 14 images from our shoot. You can use these for headshots, team photos, product images, and more.

But for a full-day package, you’ll have more photos to work with. Pricing starts at $2200 and we’ll give you 30 images to choose from our shoot. Whether you’re looking to have pictures for a larger team, or you want to use some to display your products in a professional way, this gives you more flexibility with our photography services.


Start your branding off on the right foot.

Don’t wait for your business to grow to get professional pictures, take the initiative and make a great first impression on your most important clients. Call the experts at KreativHQ today to get a free quote on masterful photography services that will develop your branding and bring in investors.

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