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Give your company’s reputation a refresh.

Your business’s reputation is crucial to keep up with. It determines whether or not your potential clients can trust your product or service. So if you’re looking to heighten your reputation and grow your client base, trust the reputation management professionals at KreativHQ to help you out.

Keep up with reviews without all of the hard work.

When it comes to running a business, every customer matters, especially for small businesses and startups. However, keeping up with your clients can be a hard task. 

When they leave a review, it’s great for engagement when you send a reply, but as your business grows, it’s much harder to make time for it. Not to mention deleting the bad or fake reviews that put you in a tough spot with any potential clients that might end up seeing them. 

With KreativHQ’s reputation management services, we’ll take care of client interactions for you. Whenever your clients leave a review, we’re ready to take care of them at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s responding positively to a good review or addressing the unfair ones that threaten to put your business in a bad light, we’re on top of it at a moment’s notice.

Re-vamp your business’s public image.

Sometimes, it can feel like a mass of bad reviews can be impossible to bounce back from. It doesn’t matter if you were in the starting stages, or just unlucky with the reviewers who left their opinions; a bad reputation can seem insurmountable. 

That’s where KreativHQ comes in. We specialize in de-escalating and addressing the problems that your previous clients have, and the misinformation your current clients might speak out about. Our goal is to bridge the gap between company and client views to give your company the reputation it deserves.

But, we don’t just respond to reviews, we work to ask clients for reviews, highlight the positive ones, and mitigate the negatives. Search engines are hesitant to advertise a business with a variety of bad reviews. We make it our job to give you a chance to redeem yourself to your audience and scale your business.


Can others see the reviews when they come in?

Yes, they can. No one can fully nullify bad reviews, but our services help make those bad reviews less effective for your search results. Whether it’s responding to them and addressing their issue, or lowering the power they hold, we’ll make sure your business thrives in the face of unfair reviews.


How important are online reviews?

Online reviews are imperative to your business for two main reasons. The first is that your client’s first impression of you comes from those reviews. You could be the most skilled team in your industry, but if you have bad reviews from a search engine, your potential clients are going to think twice about partnering with you.

The second reason relates to how search engines work. Search engine algorithms sort through reviews on their site and use this data to determine your search result placing. So if you have a variety of bad reviews on your hands, you’re not going to show up to interested clients.


What does your online reputation management include?

Our online management service packages start at $250 / month per location. We work to mitigate bad reviews, continually ask for new ones, manage your review’s effect on search engines and social media, and respond to your clients’ online reviews.

At KreativHQ, we shape your client’s perception of you to be fair and positive. Once we go over a few details, you won’t have to lift a finger to keep your reputation clear.


Don’t miss out on growth just because of a few bad reviews.

You work hard to keep your company running like clockwork, but when a few bad reviews come down the line, it can completely mitigate your efforts. Don’t throw your time and money down the drain. Contact KreativHQ today and learn how our reputation management services can keep bad reviews from interfering with your hard work.

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